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Example Projects

Trading Robot

You’ve just determined a winning stock market trading strategy. The problem? It requires you to make trades extremely quickly and precisely with little room for error. Fortunately for you, we can build a trading robot for you.

Buy/Sell Signals

So you have an investment strategy that you think will make you good returns. The problem? It takes too much time to keep refreshing the page checking for an update. We can help by creating a bot that checks for you, along with any calculations that might be required. We can do this for many different assets: stocks, currencies, real estate, baseball cards, eBay listings – you name it, we can do it.

Investment Analysis

When a hedge fund analyzes an investment they pull out all the stops: how many cars are parked in front of every Walmart in the USA? How has a CEO’s mood changed over time in their Youtube videos? Which stocks are trending on Reddit? We can get you some great data using software techniques such as web scraping, video/image analysis, text analysis, and more. Our team is well versed in big data and machine learning, and we can apply these techniques to help you make more money.