AI Powered Trading Signals

We use the latest AI technology to get the best trades, like a crystal ball for better returns

Whether you’re new to trading, dream of working as a programmer on Wall Street, or want to make passive income with your own trading bot, our AI-powered trading signals can help you!

Our trading bots use a lot of returns-boosting and risk-reducing technology, including:

Backtesting – We test all of our trading bots on historical data to make sure the bot is a top performer. We only keep bots that have an excellent track record.

Machine Learning – We use the latest AI and ML techniques to make bots that can adapt to every environment in every asset class. We make it easy to use AI to improve your trading.

Community – We have a community of 25,000+ people who are invested in building profitable trading bots. Team Lumi is taking over the investment world!

What you should know about me…

My name is Robert Grzesik, and I’ve spent the last 20 years programming in the financial industry.

I programmed high-frequency bots for huge Wall Street and crypto institutional traders, making millions of trades per year and constantly testing what works and what doesn’t. 

One day, I realized that the game is rigged against retail traders…

The bots that mega trading firms on Wall Street use completely crush small traders… and all of this is done on purpose.

So I decided to teach, to over 14,000 people, and build a team of algorithm engineers. We are fighting back to make every day people like you and me have access to this advanced technology.

Soon we are going to raise the prices because this is only a test. If too many people sign up we will be forced to raise prices.