Building a Crypto Trading Bot with Python

You’ll learn how to program profitable algorithms that automatically trade crypto assets – even if you have never coded before!

★ 2,591 STUDENTS


Crypto Moves Fast.
Bots Can Move Faster!

Crypto is a very exciting and fast-growing market – however, there are just too many variables and everything moves too fast.


That’s why trading bots present such an incredible opportunity. The best-performing hedge funds are using algorithms to trade crypto – and now you can too!

Course Curriculum

Week 1: Course Introduction

  • Introductions
  • Course Layout and Tools
  • System Setup
  • Q&A

Week 2: Python Introduction

  • Hello World
  • Objects/Types
  • String Manipulation
  • Lists
  • Dictionaries
  • Loops

Week 3: Intermediate Python

  • Functions
  • Classes
  • PIP and Imports

Week 4: Setting Up Your First Crypto Bot

  • Installing a Trading Library
  • Setting up a Brokerage Account (Paper Account)
  • Connecting Your Bot to a Broker
  • Your First Trades

Week 5: Backtesting a Strategy

  • Getting Crypto Data
  • Setting Up a Backtest
  • How to Improve the Bot

Week 6: Simple Crypto Bot Strategies

  • Building a Technical Analysis Bot
  • Building Your Own Crypto ETF

Week 7: Advanced Strategies 1

  • Trading Using API Data
  • Trading Based on Social Media (Discord, Telegram, etc)

Week 8: Advanced Strategies 2

  • Machine Learning for Crypto

The Classroom Comes to You

We have several plans for our course each designed to fit your learning needs and style. Our classes are taught online live and one-on-one, or you can just get the videos only.


Whatever plan you choose, we are here to support you and make sure you are learning and achieving your goals.

Self Directed

Self-directed is a great way to get started on your learning with hours of engaging video lectures and reusable code. 

Live Learning

Live learning is a fun way to learn allowing you to interact with other students and the instructor in real time fostering collaboration and discussion about the course material.

One-On-One Learning

One-on-one learning is a great way to learn allowing you to go at your own pace with the instructor guiding you along the way. 

Course Learning Outcomes:

  • The fundamentals of Crypto trading, Python, and building profitable trading algorithms

  • Backtesting an investment strategy; using historical data to see how your strategies would have performed

  • How to build an algorithmic Crypto trading robot

  • A working Crypto trading robot that you can use on many exchanges such as Coinbase and Binance

Meet Your Instructor


“Creating bespoke quantitative strategies, algorithms and analytics for institutional and private clients with backtesting, trading dashboards, optimization, and a comprehensive suite of results metrics.”


Neil is a leader in the backtesting community. He has helped to develop Lumibot with options, futures, forex, and crypto capabilities, as well as integrating Interactive Brokers.


He is also active in the Backtrader community, assisting and helping others trying to code with Backtrader. Neil was instrumental in the implementation of Backtrader2.


With a long history in financial services, Neil has led technology teams creating financial planning software applications for a national bank branch network, acted as Vice President Operations for an American online bank, and was COO of a startup creating a perishable commodities exchange in Europe.

Why Use Algorithms to Trade Crypto?

Crypto Is a
24/7 Market

You never know when the best opportunities will happen, but your bots are ALWAYS on.

of Assets

Algorithms can actually help you find the diamond in the rough or the new breakout coin.

Hundreds of Exchanges

This means there are hundreds of opportunities between exchanges, including arbitrage

Trends Can
Change Fast

Crypto markets move fast, but bots can move faster! When it comes to speed, humans just can’t compete.

...and more! There are no limits to what you can do with your own custom crypto bots

Building a Crypto Trading Bot with Python

You’ll learn how to program profitable algorithms that automatically trade crypto assets – even if you have never coded before!

★ 2,591 STUDENTS


Testimonials from the Lumiwealth Community

Join the thousands of students that are already learning at Lumiwealth

“I didn’t want to buy a course of just videos. I think having somebody to interact with, like you’ve been great both on Discord and chat… Then the class has been interactive but also you’ve hopped on a call and just helped me out which has been game changing. So that’s why I chose Lumiwealth, it was really because you guys offer that level of care.”

“There’s people coming from way different backgrounds, some people are day traders like me others are more in the field of finance, and so it was really cool to just meet everybody and interact.”

– Agim Salija

“The class has been great. It has done exactly what I sought out. I have learned techniques to help me assess the quality of trading strategies which I didn’t have before. Overall, it has boosted my ability to create a trading bot and more easily test strategies in a way that I wasn’t able to before.”

“For anyone who is looking to learn Python, Finance, and putting together the dots in order to create their own strategy or enter the job market, I think this would be a great course to take.”  

– Rene Serulle

“Absolutely would recommend the classes. I went live with this trading bot a couple of weeks ago and right now I have almost made 80% of the money I spent on the course itself back from the bot itself. The trading strategies that I learned in the class paid for the class itself. I don’t think there is a better return on investment.”

“Learning from you was one of the biggest advantages. The depth of your experience you have and sharing that with all of us is amazing. To have that kind of person who’s willing to teach other people and help them enhance their lives is amazing.” 

– Santayan Paul

“I liked the variety of things being covered the most during the classes, not only how to set up a bot and connect to a broker, but also CAGR, long-term economic data, and things that I wasn’t really thinking about. For example, how long term trends can affect short-term prices. I liked the overall breadth of the class and how it wasn’t just all about the algo trading portion of it; there was a lot of how and what too.”

“I would recommend Lumiwealth’s classes to anybody who wants to understand and take more control of their trading. To anyone who wants to learn about Python/technology and trading and how these two things interplay with each other.” 

– Joel Brass

Crypto Might Be The Greatest Opportunity Of Our Lifetimes.

I’m sure you’ve heard the stories of people who had incredible gains with Crypto – but this volatility will not last forever.


Learning how to build trading bots with Python can be a lifechanging skill, and the best moment to develop it is NOW!